Blue Heron Rug Hooking Studio


Some of the footstool designs available from Honey Beehive Rug Hooking.

For a wide selection of other designs, shapes and sizes, go to

Please note that there are several stool sizes and shapes available.  Choose the stool that fits your design.  Blue Heron Studio will be placing an order for the stools to be shipped to Canada.  Please order early to avoid disappointment.

UTR-fs-305 Sunflower Square Footstool.  Size 32" x 32" on linen, $118.00 US

Design in stock

UTR-fs-201 Seasons - Cube Foootstool.  size #8.5" x 38.5" on linen $149.00 US.  Illustrating 4 seasons

Design in stock

UTR-fs-Iris V1 - Cube footstool design on line.  38.5" x 38.5", $149.00 US

Design in stock

To ensure sufficient time to hook a footstool design before the workshop, the first order for footstools and footstool designs will be sent on May 30, 2020.