Blue Heron Rug Hooking Studio





OCTOBER 15-17, 2020

Design a footstool cover and learn how to upholster the stool.


The Victoria Citadel (junior room,

4030 Douglas St., Saanich V8X 5J6


Footstool designed and hooked by Michele Wise

Michele Wise brings a 30 year career as a high school teacher into her rug hooking classes.  teaches all aspects of rug hooking from fine shading, wide cut, 3-d, upholstery, embellishments, hooked books, purses, portraits, sculptures, abstract and modern pieces.  She has taught in the US and internationally, promoting rug hooking through her many activities.  She is a McGown certified rug hooking instructor and co-director of Puget Sound Rug School.  Many of her pieces have been published in books, including Celebrations.  Two of her pieces are on permanent display at the Bainbridge Art Museum

Michele and her husband, Jay (an upholsterer) are team teaching this class.  You will learn the basics of upholstery, step-by-step on how to remove existing upholstery and make a pattern from the old material.  You will learn how to plan and design a new footstool cover; explore shapes, colors and textures in designing your pattern from new and old material. You may use either fine or wide cut for your hooking.  You will finish by upholstering the stool.

You may also complete a footstool design prior to the workshop and get help in upholstering your stool, then spend time in the workshop planning a new footstool design.  For a selection of footstool designs in stock, go to stools.

Workshop fee $300.00 plus tax

To register, go to registration form.

To ensure sufficient time to hook a footstool design, the order of designs and footstools will be sent on August 31, 2020.


Please contact the studio if you are interested in attending this workshop. Workshop fees are not being collected as yet.  The workshop will go ahead providing the Canadian-US border is open and there is not a spike in Covid-19.  We will use a large room with separate tables and social distancing.  Masks will be provided.